booster pack

Hey guys,

today I got my shipment of 430BOOSTER PACK for msp430 launch pad.Costed me around 800 to get it.Thanks to Kunal who helped me with the transaction.I immediately unpacked it.It really feels bad to tear the neatly packed cover the e14 guys mail it in.I didnt have a soldering iron at that time so i got to another friends house to get it done and finally connected the launch pad to the booster pack and tada!!! the booster pack came to life… I tried the media pad software and also a simulation of the pad itself.I think after telling all my friends about it i was satisfied and now m going through the really amazing how much can be done in so less.I want to try out the other touchpads that are available here.If any of you have already done it then please share the link.So i ll get back to my new love.Hope i can do a lot more new stuff and experiments!!!


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