Free Art !!!!

Hey everyone, Till my 9th std. i never believed that i could do anything worthwhile in arts.That year my dad bought me a PC and i started off with photoshop.It was not out of interest but out of boredom.But then i got addicted and have been doing something or the other with it.During my engineering […]

Clocks and MSP430

hi there everyone, in this tutorial let us check out the all clocks that msp has got to offer us.After studying 8051 and comparing that to controllers like msp and AVR makes me wonder how much development has taken place over the years.The 8051 controller had just one clock.It was external with maximum range of […]

msp’s watchdog

hey guys have beenĀ  fooling around with the msp4305438 board so couldn’t post for a long time… so I’ll be posting the tutorial on watchdog timer today.This is something which bugged me a lot when i first started with msp, which i feel is really stupid considering the fact that it was really simple.So what […]