Free Art !!!!

Hey everyone,

Till my 9th std. i never believed that i could do anything worthwhile in arts.That year my dad bought me a PC and i started off with photoshop.It was not out of interest but out of boredom.But then i got addicted and have been doing something or the other with it.During my engineering course i ve used this knowledge of the wonderful software to design small stuff like T-shirts , banners, certificates,etc..A year ago my senior and a very good friend Ashwith introduced me to Fedora and with it i was introduced to a whole set of new softwares which i found first of FREE!!! and very versatile and easy to use.i ve stopped using Photoshop now.The software i use are

I have learnt Inkscape to a certain extent and it continues to  surprise me with what can be done with 150mb of software.Compare this with 1gb of Ps.the other tools are next in my list to learn.The learning materials for these are quite a lot!!!! with documents to videos theres  there is everything we need to learn.For Inkscape i refer to the SCREENCASTER.HEATHENx.Excellent video tutorials are provided on using inkscape and also combining it with the other softwares.Also CHRISdesign has some amazing designs.SO with this i hope you are kind of wanting to try those softwares too.if you do and create some designs please do send me link to the image or the model .thanks for reading..Have a nice day 🙂


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