USB – Serial Convertor

Hey guys ,

I’ve had some trouble getting a proper usb serial convertor to connect my MSP430g2553.The problem i faced was the drivers for win 7 .After a lil research i found a way to make our own convertor. We can use FT232r serial usb convertor by cots around 130 – 180 Rs. .The circuit for the application is as shown.Power is drawn from usb itself.

For the Ferrite bead we can use a cable with the ferrite bead itself.Here is pic of the convertor i have used.

USB cable with Ferrite bead is shown above.


11 thoughts on “USB – Serial Convertor

  1. how do you supply msp430 ? because i consider how to connect USB uart which can translate VCC5V from USB to MSP430. PRoblem is that MSP has only 3.3V …

      1. yes but it is max . 3.3V @ 50mA.. You wrote like FTDI has adjustable regulator… but there is only one fix 3.3V, and 5V can be sourced from USB, isnt it ?
        50mA is small energy for MCU+external peripherals (LEDs, display, RF,…)

      2. well i used one single 3.3v regulator form usb to source a msp430 , ftdi , cc110 , 4 led’s it was quite enough. If you have many peripherals then use either different regulators (3.3v and 5v each)or use another usb port / power supply

  2. Hi Suraj, thanks a lot for posting it. Regarding the LEDs, I assume that you configured the cbus pins for TX RX indication, whats software did you use for it? Also, could you please also share the schematics of your board?

    1. Hello Sasha ,
      Initially the LED’s didn’t work because of the wrong resistor values. But yeah the configured cbus pins itself are needed.I didnt bother to fix it as they were not needed for my project. The schematics of the board are up on the page itself.If you meant the layout then let me know. I ll mail you the design layout

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