msp’s watchdog

hey guys have been  fooling around with the msp4305438 board so couldn’t post for a long time… so I’ll be posting the tutorial on watchdog timer today.This is something which bugged me a lot when i first started with msp, which i feel is really stupid considering the fact that it was really simple.So what […]

Interrupting msp430!!!

The key feature of msp is the lower power mode which requires us to know how to put it to sleep and wake it. This is one main reason why we should and must know interrupts in msp.The interrupts can be classified into three types as: System Reset Maskable NMI Non maskable NMI The system […]

booster pack

Hey guys, today I got my shipment of 430BOOSTER PACK for msp430 launch pad.Costed me around 800 to get it.Thanks to Kunal who helped me with the transaction.I immediately unpacked it.It really feels bad to tear the neatly packed cover the e14 guys mail it in.I didnt have a soldering iron at that time so […]

MSP430 io programming

In my previous post we saw how a led and a switch can be used.There is another way to use the individual bits of the pin.These are defined in the header file of the device.Suppose we’ve to check if a switch is pressed and switch on led then we can use the code similar to […]

MSP430 LED’s & Switches

Now that we have the board and software ready lets blink a few led’s and switches present on the Launch Pad.The Launch pad comes with 2 LED’s , green connected to the pin P1.0 red connected to the pin P1.6. There are 2 switches , S1 connected to reset S2 connected to pin P1.3. The IO’s […]

MSP430 getting started

With the brief intro on msp let us start programming the controller. We ‘ll need IDE to write and compile the code and a programmer to transfer the code, and the controller.I’ll be using MSP430G2231 (Launch Pad) which has a Flash emulation tool (FET) on the board itself  and IAR Embedded workbench kick-start edition.Download and […]